Exclusive: The Truth Behind Social Media Superstar Dan "Blitz" Blizerian

Social Media Superstar Or Conman? The Truth About Dan Blizerian.

Born in Tampa, Florida, this 37-year-old playboy, multi-millionaire, and Internet personality is renowned for his lavish lifestyle. Many in the poker world also know Bilzerian for his highly contested claims that he amassed his fortune by playing in private ultra-high-stakes games.

A self-proclaimed asshole, Bilzerian wants people to envy him because “that’s just the way of the world.” And this quasi-professional poker player does have an interesting life, with many followers on social media who are interested in his seemingly endless procession of cars, women, guns, yachts, and other excesses.

Many have estimated Dan Bilzerian’s net worth to be around $100 million. He acknowledges benefitting from his trust fund, which kicked in when he was in his 30’s (for how much he won’t say, of course), but he asserts that most of his fortune was won at poker.

Just don’t tell Dan Bilzerian he’s not a self-made man, or that he’s not good at poker. He doesn’t like that.

So... How Does Dan Maintain His Lifestyle?

Bilzerian’s Instagram is filled with plenty of pictures of him explicitly engaging with booze, gambling, guns and women. Bilzerian is an icon for many across the world. As a young man, Bilzerian entered the navy seal program, and continues to be a proud supporter of the United States military. Bilzerian also is an avid gun collector and even ran for president for a few months.

Regardless of how you feel about Bilzerian, nobody can doubt that he puts himself out there. He wears his lifestyle on his sleeves and glorifies it on Instagram.

Blizerian is known for his extensive gun collection and his over the top luxious lifestyle, Dan makes no apologies for living his life exactly as he sees fit.

Dan "Blitz" Bilzerian, the 35-year-old son of an exiled Eighties corporate raider, and a kind of Bruce Wayne-meets-Hugh Hefner for the social-media age. Before his beard-stroking video went viral, few had heard of Bilzerian outside the sweaty male sub-culture of high-stakes poker or the core group of fans who kept track of him online.

One year later, however, and Bilzerian - a 5ft, 9 and a half inches tall, barrel-chested former US Navy Seal trainee and self-described "venture capitalist" who splits his time between Los Angeles and Vegas - is one of the biggest stars on the internet, and a man through whom millions now vicariously live out their fantasies in real time.

Crowned the King of Instagram by his followers (he has over 16 million of them, and adds another 20,000 or so a day) his feed documents a lifestyle so outrageous and seemingly free of moral, financial or legal constraints, it's as though he inhabits a Jason Statham movie, or a Hunter S Thompson novel - only with faster cars, less inhibited females, and more advanced weaponry.

"I don't have those creaky five or six first steps anymore," he says. "I can get down on the ground and play Legos with my kids. I can sit down on my feet with my knees bent, jump up and take off."

Who is Dan Blizerian?

He gets his hair cut by bare-breasted women in bow ties. He buys a new pick-up truck so he can carry around his 20mm anti-tank gun. He makes eight-digit bets on poker games. And he takes mobile phone portraits of himself next to his customised Gulfstream IV jet, which has his personal trademark - a headshot of his pet goat, Zeus - painted on the tail. He is the ultimate antidote, in other words, to adorably posed selfies of Justin Bieber and other sappy, endorsement-soliciting celebrities.

Bilzerian says he learned to play poker at the University of Florida, where he enrolled after the Navy to study business and criminology - funded by a $6,000-a-month "disability allowance as a veteran" that he qualified for due to his injuries and honourable discharge.

By his second year, he'd gone broke, apparently with no access to the assets of which he was a beneficiary. The way Bilzerian tells it, he turned the $750 he had left over from liquidating his possessions into $10,000. Then he bought a one-way ticket to Las Vegas and turned that $10,000 into $187,000.

With this sizeable bankroll, he then went back to university, more determined than ever, and resumed his studies while continuing to hone his skills in "cash games" after classes. (The potential winnings in cash games are essentially unlimited, whereas tournaments have fixed buy-ins and fixed prizes.) Bilzerian never did finish his degree. "Some weeks I was making, like, $90,000," he has explained, "so I'm looking at these professors, thinking, what am I doing here?"

Before long, Bilzerian had gone from high stakes to so-called "nosebleed stakes" at games hosted at his Los Angeles home with an assortment of billionaires and celebrity friends, including the Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, the film director Nick Cassavetes, and the action star Mark Wahlberg. He was voted "funniest poker player" by Bluffmagazine in 2010. And in one blow-out trip to Cannes, he allegedly slept with 16 women in 12 days. Today, Bilzerian lives in a gated estate in the Hollywood Hills, where his neighbours include the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and the nightclub impresario (and billionaire's son) Sam "Sammy Boy" Nazarian.

What is undeniable, however, is that Bilzerian has displayed a lot of savvy in developing an entirely new kind of celebrity - and has carried it off with a nihilistic, gonzo-esque sense of humour that has for the most part diffused its more abusive undertones.

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